Research and Development (R&D)

Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Idea generation

R&D is a very rewarding part of business but it does take some work. That’s where the IoT Systems Design R&D team can help you on your road to reality.

We follow the seven steps of R&D closely as it’s a time proven process for Research and Development projects. It starts with Idea Generation where we spend time with you and your staff to understand how you do business today.

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An early look at viability

Idea screening

This phase of R&D is where we concentrate on validating the fit of the idea into your business. We look at a number of factors together.

The Research and Development process looks to see if the idea fits within your overall business strategy and company direction.

We’ll investigate how well the idea can be marketed. What competition exists and if the new idea is going to be an improvement on existing ideas.

The Idea Screening phase of an R&D project is a very important part as it sorts out what has a chance of being viable or not.

Lets build something Exciting and Real

Concept development & Testing

In research and development this is often where companies first contact us. That’s quite ok. We’re ready to help from any part of your R&D project.

This part is where the development of prototypes occur and we do testing to understand how it works and if it works the way we expected it to. It’s where we often re-work a design to accommodate what we discover.

We’ll also spend time developing the look and feel of the product using technologies like 3d printing to get an enclosure that you can actually hold in your hands.

Research & Development Engineer inspecting a circuit
R&D Marketting phase

We have something to sell

Business & Marketing strategy development

In this part of the Research and Development project we work with you to analyse in more depth the competition, the costs involved and pricing strategies.

We spend time identifying the target market. We help you develop a value proposition for your new idea.

This phase of the Research and Development project also identifies the profit goals, pricing and long term sales projections.

As part of the R&D project this phase is likely to use some external 3rd parties that are specialist in performing market surveys and assessing the value of an idea in a market.

Now we build the real thing

Product development

The Product Development phase of the Research and Development project is an exiting phase of your project. It means you have something quite real.

We’ll work together with manufacturers and suppliers to bring together the prototype of your idea. This can be done onshore in Australia, a mix of onshore and offshore or all offshore. We do like Australia Made 🙂

We do testing within a small sample of the market. This is where we will discover any areas we still need to improve or change before final production.

Female electronics engineer tests vehicle software with team
Containers on a Ship

Lets begin our road of Growth


The final phase of your R&D project is the Commercialisation of your idea. Getting to this point means your idea is likely to succeed as it’s gone through a significant amount of testing and validation.

The steps in this phase include:

  • Set up manufacturing
  • Set up distribution channel
  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • Promotion

We would normally recommend engaging a professional product marketing company to assist and we’ll work with you to help you if needed.

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