What is the Internet of Things or IoT An explanation of what the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it becomes part of your world

    what is the internet of things or iot

    What is the Internet of Things or IoT for short?

    For many years people have been using the internet to communicate and share with other people. With advances in computers making them so small and cost effective, now we are seeing more and more machines joining the internet to communicate with each other and interacting with people. While not new, the Internet of Things is fast growing in popularity with many new opportunities to have machine to machine collaboration improve how things work. Both in and around the home, in manufacturing, in freight and logistics, aerospace, and many more industries IoT (Internet of Things) or M2M (Machine to Machine) communication using the Internet is opening doors.

    Internet of Things and your home

    what is the internet of things or iot

    Google home mini when connected to your home automation allows you to talk to your home.

    Imagine driving home in your car. Your car is telling your house where it is and who’s in the car. Your about 15 minutes away and the house starts getting ready for your arrival. It’s cold so it turns on the heating. It turns on the oven to start cooking the roast. All the time sending back messages to the car which in a Siri like manner lets you know what the house is doing. When your about 50 meters away the garage doors open ready for your arrival. As you pull into the garage, the house alarm turns off and the doors unlock. This is made possible because the car has a GPS and is connected to the Internet via the 4G phone network. Many of the appliances in the house have small computers in them that communicate to the main controller in the house. All these Things are using the Internet to communicate with each other to make your life more enjoyable.

    Internet of things in the hospitality industry

    A hotel has sensors that show how much beer is flowing and when. These sensors send the information to the cloud where it’s stored and matched with the sales data from the cash registers. At the same time it’s taking in information from temperature and humidity sensors that also send information to the cloud. Over time it learns that the weather impacts on what customers buy and can start to predict what will be needed. Along with stock levels, the information is sent through to the brewers and the freight logistics systems so enough stock can be sent to the hotel in anticipation.

    I don’t think anyone can really work out how many things are already connected to the Internet today, however many experts in the field like Cisco have suggested by 2020 there will be some 40 billion devices connected to the Internet. Our small team has already connected thousands of things to this Internet of Things.

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    IoT Systems Design Pty Ltd is born We're going to help get the things in the world connected

    Today we set up IoT Systems Design Pty Ltd, a company that will be focused on helping customers get the most out of the Internet of Things or IoT. The Internet of Things is something that has been around for a while with the last few years becoming a buzz word.

    What is the Internet of Things or IoT?

    It’s devices like washing machines, fridges, microwaves, cars, trucks, trains, weather sensors, and a whole lot more all connecting to the internet to transmit data and receive data to make decisions. It could be an irrigation system that has sensors to know temperature, humidity, soil moisture level and using servers on the internet control irrigation systems to provide just the right amount of water and other nutrients.

    With a team of different skilled specialists, we can help with the design and implementation of almost any automated Internet of Things solution for your business.

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